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software SIM card data recovery can only be read and not to damage the features Handpone. To restore all the erased data such as SMS and phone number of the SIM card memory. Mobile phone SIM card SMS media tool has been designed specifically to retrieve and restore lost data that form the phone number and message with the help of the SIM card readers, including PC / SC and Phoenix standard technology based on technology from the USB device hardware card. tool data SIM card reader to give you the option to print the data again or for the purpose of forensic investigation. Software recaptures allows data back even if supplied preformatted card or card not detected on the system. SIM card supports all the software technology, 2G, 3G and GSM technology based SIM card and provides

a friendly user interface and simple. tool data SIM card readers generate a report that allows users to view the date and time of sending SMS, receive calls etc.. Mobile SIM card data restore features and retrieve lost data with a short period of time without affecting other important data from your mobile phone on the SIM card. This software does not require any technical ability to operate and provide assistance to the user manual pitch. Features: * SIM card software support data recovery mobile phone users with the loss of data backup and restore facilities and restore the data in text format for further reference. * Readers of the SIM card data utility provides support for all SIM card services national or global network. * Software extract and display service provider name and ICC identification number of the SIM card is simple. * SIM card data recovery software supports all major Windows operating system and integrated to help provide guidance to the user. *

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